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Our Online store is open all year.  If you want something for Yule (Xmas), always order before November 21st.

Our Physical Store has CLOSED.  We are moving and not sure if we will open for awhile.

For other Hours are on the - (push link here >) Celtic events calendar

Our little Ancient Celtic shop features Celts, Goths and Vikings Mythology items with History notes all around the shop so you can learn about our European ancestors and shop for a unique gift.


Online store is all year round.

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Celts & Vikings

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop is a quaint little business, 100% one woman owned. I sell Northern European mythology items - (Celtic, Viking and Goth styled).   We offer Castle Home Decor, Books, Jewelry, Clothing, and Mythology Gifts. 

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop is Canada's First Official store for Entertainment Industry, Reenactors, LARPers, and History lovers, which started in 1994 just selling wizard and dragon candles. Since then I've so much more including Movie and TV collectibles based on Northern European mythology - Harry potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit / How to train your Dragon, Brave, and the Viking tv series.  

Ive sold walking sticks and other handcrafted items to Commercials, Stage and films and very proud to be part of the community of Entertainment industry in stage & film in Canada since I was 16 years old as both an Actor and special effects makeup artist.

At the Celts and Vikings Mythology shop I over 30 Plus years of Scholarly expertise on these ancient cultures, and unique finds from artists around the world that you want find in the average mall.  People come here to shop early for Yule or other occasions or their own unique lifestyle because its just plain cool stuff.  Redifine your life!  

Are you having a themed event or wedding?  Take time out to Play.  Adults forget that Play is important in Adult life too.  We can provide the costumes and decor.  And arrange to plan the menu and get wenches to serve your Medieval Feast, wall banners and shields.  Or maybe you fancy Elven glamour, we have the costumes and elven crowns.  Tranform your home or event into visual warmth, with an added air of excitement and mystery.  As products come and go, because most are handcrafted, it is a good idea to check on availability before ordering for they might be gone. Because is run by one person the website is not always updated as fast as I'd like it to be.  First Come First Served!

"Brahva" (her label name) is quite famous for her walking sticks seen in many commercials and plays, handcrafted brooms, leather masks, arm and leg armour and also her artwork on leather, wood, drums and canvas!

Celts & VikingsCelts and Vikings Mythology Shop even has handforged drinking horn stands, candle holders and cultlery that comes in its own belt pouch.  Your Druid or wizard character can even carry little potion bottles there.  You set the cost and we will work to help you get ready to excentuate your beauty and uniqueness.  


Come Hither!  We have rogue, warrior, and maidens, prates and more.  We have been complemented yearly at the cross Canada shows and in Celtic Life Magazine on being the most unique and favourite store they've seen ever!  Returning fans of the store become like family when they come here.  

Celts & Vikings

You will not only find a unique gift suited to that person you dont know what to buy for, but you will dazzle them with your new knowledge found around the store put there by the owner who took time out to add a little bit of trivia fun throughout the shop while you shop!  There is a story behind each item or symbol!  (....like the dragon.  What does it stand for?)

There is magick in the making of all our Handcrafted Products!  All products made by Brahva are made with love in ancient sacred ritual.

The Celts & Vikings Mythology Shop

British Columbia, Canada