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Canada's First Official store for Collectors, Entertainment Industry, Reenactors, LARPers and Northern European themed Cosplay which includes Harry potter, Game of Thrones, & Vikings tv series etc.  We sell from Medieval to Modern day thus we include Northern European dress of Goth and Steampunk.  It all started to help Caucasian persons learn about who their Celtic and Viking ancestors were and how to honour our lost culture.  This knowledge we found relights the spark in their eye and brings us closer to nature to become proud of their heritage.  

We boast the largest on-line store of this kind but are most proud of our quaint little artistan shop in Crawford Bay BC, where there is things that are not on this online store.

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 We sell Northern European themed items including Europes night subcultures like Gothic, Steampunk, & Glow in Dark Clubwear for Modern day Druidic like Trance Electric music.  From costumes, books to Castle Decor, we have it all.  

 Our items are made by craftsman and artisans around Canada, USA, Denmark and the UK.  We have Medieval, Renaissance, LARP (Live Action role play) , Movie Cosplay, Steampunk, and Gothic clothing/costumes.  We also have Celtic, Viking, Gothic and Steampunk jewelry and accessories. Celtic Walking Sticks or Druid Staffs, Leather Masquerade Masks, Medieval Feastware, Swords and Armour, medieval circlets, and Celtic, Gothic or Viking styled items like metaphysical supplies and wall plaques.

We have items for walk in customers in our physical store that are not listed on our website, see our facebook page for these.

Celts & Vikings

At the Celts & Vikings Store, we offer 30 years of historical expertise, Superior discounts, & SHIPPING Worldwide on some Products! Redefine Your Life!  Take time out to play and transform your home or event into visual warmth with an air of excitement and mystery! Come and Shop online 24/7 as products come and go.  Make sure you always ask on availability prior to shipping.  First come, first Serve! 

People worldwide are loving the Celts & Vikings store as they are famous for their one of a kind walking sticks (Druid Staffs) and leather masks, but also for their drinking horns! These are in our physical store only.  We do not ship our own products.  All items on this website are mailed directly from supplier, not us so we are not liable for any transfer.

Are you having a themed event? Call today and we will help!  Plan the wedding of your dreams at the Celts and Vikings. We provide beautiful wedding tiaras and medieval circlets to excentuate your beauty and uniqueness. Carry yourself away

Celts & Vikings
to fantasyland at your next SCA event, Gothic gig, Cosplay show or Medieval feast themed party.   Larpers com ye hither!  Celts and Vikings has rogue's costumes, thieves kits, wizards and potion kits, orcs and warrior costumes and lots of belt hangers, belts and other items to Top your costume off.  We have the most unique handcrafted items you've ever seen! 

Celts & Vikings

Our Celts and Vikings Celtic jewelry section features Celtic Cross Necklaces and Thors Hammers, Celtic and Viking styled earrings, medieval hair picks, hair combs and ancient styled  bracelets as well as modern Steampunk and Gothic styles, jewelry chests and boxes.  New stuff added or taken away every month. 

In the Celts and Vikings Walking Sticks section you'll find plain walking sticks, safety & spy walking sticks, Carved Celts & Vikingswalking sticks, painted walking sticks, woodburned walking sticks, and a special once in awhile, like a real snakeskin walking stick.  Check back frequently!

Celts & Vikings

Set your medieval feast or LARP table with handforged uniquely styled medieval cutlery, that comes in their own pouch. Don't forget the drinking horns or tankards.

Celts & Vikings

The many different types and styles of latex medieval daggers and medieval swords which can be used in LARP play and sometimes we have battleready swords for rituals, or decoration. These Celtic or Scandinavian designs can be ideal gifts for a history buff or someone with Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, Swedish, or even British ancestry, as well as other places where the Northern European tribes roamed like Italy or Spain, or Belgium. We have swords and daggers and other replica and collector items from the Dark ages to the renaisssance period.  Add a sense of history & a sense of pride in your heritage to your household.

Celts and Vikings Medieval Hand cuffs are fun to use as a decoration on your wall, dungeon or maybe you are playing the jailer, slave or escaped convict.

Celts & Vikings

You will not only find a gift for any occasion, uniquely suited to that person, but you can dazzle them with your your new knowledge.  As here at the Celts & Vikings store we add a little bit of fun trivia for all to read with each Celts and Vikings product. 

There is magick in the making of all our Handcrafted Products!

The Celts & Vikings Store

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