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The Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is pagan learning circles and meetups.  Canada's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Hidden on Vancouver Isle, yet in plain sight of muggles.  We've taught in for SK, AB and BC.  We are now in Victoria, BC.  A teacher will appear if you have a group of four or more.  We teach in Saanich area.  We are working on an online course.

When most of the neo-pagan movement speak of Celtic religion or Druidism, they are referring to the mythology of the Celts and the pagan rituals based on the God stories mentioned in those mythologies. However, most of these groups' teachings have been invented by 17th - 19th century romantics.

'Celtic' does not refer to a race of people nor a religion. It is also not pronounced ‘seltic’ but  'keltic.   A group of ancient tribes who shared a common language and culture.  The original word came from the Greco-Romans who referred to them as Keltoi (Celtae), which meant the hidden people. They were located in remote areas in Northern Europe and did not have large cities. Celtic paganism are those new religions that are based off of the ancient ways and celebrations of these tribes. We do know that the Celts were polytheistic and the vast majority of Gods found are fixed only to certain tribes and their location. Each tribe had their own unique stories, Gods & rituals.  Just like the tribal people of today. The confusion grows further as historians try to equate Celtic deities with those of the Greeks and Romans. Ill informed articles run rampant across the Internet as well. On one hand we have supposed "historical" knowledge from Diodorus Siculus.  Diodorus says they laughed at their Gods portrayed in human form; yet Caesar says all their Gods are believed to be their ancestors, not their creators.

More confusing still, is trying to understand these Celtic myths and pagan rituals. If we listen to biased Roman writers, Celtic people are barbaric, illiterate idiots. When in fact, it was the Romans who were far more Barbaric. We know for sure that Romans were fascinated with the uncanny knowledge taught in the Celtic schools, especially when it came to memorization, medicine, time, armor, fighting styles, magic and astronomy. People came from all over the country to learn at these schools. We also know now that it was the Romans who borrowed from the Celts, not the other way round, in many things including chainmaille and crested helmets.

To help serious seekers sort through the mess; we offer you 'Canadian McKewan School of Pagan Circles' with Chieftains and mentors. The mentors for your journey are Celtic scholars with a proven 20 years of study. They will show you several perceptions and roads to take prior to making your path choice.

History of our Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Learning & Meetups

Our Canadian Pagan School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was founded in 1997, originally named 'Pagan Place' on 6 St NW, Calgary, AB but it was better know as The McKewan/Fraser Celtic School of Ancient Airts when Brahva Cwmevos teamed up with Sir Teagu in 2001.  We have had many satisfied students who we've maintained contact with us for years and to this day.  Since its beginning there also have been, luckily few,  'seekers' who've abused our teachers, by coming with their own agenda in mind.   6 persons in total to the end of the school in 2007 which is a pretty good record.

Sorry, we do not teach on-line courses at this time. We offer in person learning only.  We believe in oral tradition and refuse to give our names for lineage to complete strangers that may abuse titles, our certificates, or our good name.  No one can know the maturity level or background of someone behind a screen.  However, we are attempting to make a non-certificate course, without our unique traditions in the near future.  You may join our outer circle group on our facebook link on the home page.

Our Canada Pagan Learning circles - carry all of the 7 styles of learning in each lesson - visual & verbal; writing, reading & research; hands on exercises; memorization skills are included in almost every lesson. Each seeker finds which style they learn best from and in future classes can specify learning in that format. It is too time consuming to do one on one teaching in the earlier stages, but our classes are kept small - 4 minimum to 6 maximum.

Canada Celtic Pagan Learning Circle meetings is offered to members of the Public at a cost which covers supplies, utilities, writings, the teachers wisdom and time, beverages, snacks and books. Students receive all supplies needed such as handouts, candles & any tools needed for each course. All they need to bring is a note book or binder.   Our two main teachers have over 30 years of study, the rest have been under their tutalege.

We are open to the Public and offers On Going Rituals and study classes on a yearly basis.  The Canadian Celtic Pagan Learning groups and meetups has an oral questionnaire which helps the student and teacher understand what they need to learn and where their strengths and limitations lay. Throughout these lessons, the Chieftain can see whether they would be a good match for more advanced training or direct them to another group which is more suitable to the seeker.

Our Pagan Meetup Learning Circles are listed below and they are a small fees to cover handouts, utility costs and coffee/tea.

Wicca or Northern European Pagan Course Studies

How do I sign up for the these Learning circles below? Call anytime after you gather 4 - 6 people up, who wish to take the course, come give us the deposit and pay the rest on the first night, we are good to go.  Now in Victoria, BC.  Choose your lessons from the categories below. You receive a receipt and you're on your way!  Your money is unrefundable unless the mentor cancels the course.  

Courses are below;

Self Discovery - Embracing Your Dark side - 2 months or 8 workshop course, 1 night per week. This valuable course allows you to see different sides of yourself and to embrace your dark side as well. You come to face to face with your true self. The lessons  have been comprised to bring up issues that might be buried, bringing them to the surface. This is done in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Seekers learn not to take these sometimes scary issues and project it onto another as most do and learn to let go. We learn to 'own' our own insecurities; learn not to  blame another, when it was ourself who made the situation turn out the way it did.   This course ia a pre-requisite to joining the Maers Khohias Tribe. Cost: $360 per person or $180 per month.  Registration first week of January.  Runs February to end of March.  Get a group of 6 of your friends or we will wait until 6 register and start class.

Basic Traditional Wicca and Groups course - 1 night or day per week,  - over 3 months long - 13 workshops in total.  This course covers, ethics, history, basic tools and knowledge of rituals, etiquette, elements and quarters, and Student-Teacher balance or abuse.  Pagan ritual is included. This course is a pre-requisite to Tribal training. COST:  $550.00 per person total or $183 per month.  6 seats maximum - these must be filled before class will start. We reserve the right to change the start night of these classes if not full. Get 6 of your friends and we will come to your home too.  Choose Monday nights or Saturday at Noon - 2 to 3 hrs per class.  Registration first week of March and starts first week of April to end of June.

Note:  We do have a student workbook in This Traditional Wicca, included in the cost. 

Maers Khohias Weekend - Coming soon.  Cost: $180 a person.   This is a modern day New Age belief system which incorporates all Northern European peoples known in Celtic and Scandinavian areas, as I the founder am both.  This is not Wiccan or like any other faith.  We believe there is no such thing as a solitary Celts or Viking, as that was far ffrom their belief system.  It was tribal period.  To enter into this training you must have all the classes prerewuisite to show you are serious in joining then there is NO charge for once you chosen your path $$ does not come into the equasion because you are choosing your own path and learning.  But your profession is totally different.  Gifting is always welcome to a mentor.

It is available for two full days on a decided day when your request.  3 seats must be filled and bring potluck.  This is done in our own home.  Men and women are more than welcome.  Cost: Food, coupon, $$, your own contribution of labour or a gift for the Elders is an honourablre thing.  Make one potluck dish and drink to share for day.  See tribal training page. 

Canadian Pagan School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Meetups


Sometimes we will do a surprise workshops or events, which are open to the public.  In 2018 we will host a meet up in summer.  The workshops are on a drop-in basis for anywhere between $2 to $10 depending on material.  This can be anything from making mead, storytelling time or something else that is fun. Check our Celtic events page to see when the next workshop is scheduled. Please call prior as seats are limited!

Blood Proud - Women's open circle - at a cost of $5 PER WORKSHOP - DROP IN IS WELCOME.

Warriors Journey - Men's open circle - at a cost of $5  PER WORKSHOP - DROP IN IS WELCOME..

Celtic and Norse Kilt and Tribal wear night - a Calgary Pagan meetup for modern day Tribalists - Celts and their Druid, Norse or Asatru and other Northern European styled brethren.  You can wear from medieval to modern day tribal clothes in any style you want.  See Celtic events page for details.  Bring a twoonie for utility costs and coffee/tea supplies.  Not a Wiccan event, though Wiccans are welcome to visit if they are curious in joining.  

Canadas Pagan Place Ethics & Main Beliefs

We do not allow reporters in to talk with our students.  However they may come in and talk with myself anytime.

At The Canadian Pagan School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, our Mentors will teach you how everything is connected; having its own frequency.  For example, whatever you do to anyone or anything, you do to yourself.  If you hurt someone else in any form, you hurt the Universe.  Poison comes in many forms, through thought,  gossip and man made chemicals.  If you poison any part of the earth in any way, the poison eventually affects the Universe.  We harm our own bodies with unnatural drugs and thereby the cycle goes on; our babies are born deformed or dysfunctional. We must learn to live in harmony with everyone and everything.  We must learn to think good things. "As above and so below".

We see a lot of groups who claim to seek truth. Yet, they do not understand truth has as many perceptions as in a bee's eyes.  To truly seek truth, you must listen to all perceptions and parties, remaining neutral and unbiased. If you think bad thoughts about yourself or others,  especially our number one topic - the weather, you injure the Universe. We are all important in healing the Universe. If you carry on others gossip, right or wrong, you carry negativity.

Notes for Seekers: We would love to have a school that would suit the needs of every type of individual but in reality this is not possible.  I see and hear everywhere nonsense about some wonderful pagan teachers, every year.  Students seem to have been given the easy way out, blaming the teacher instead, when in fact they take no responsibility in how to be a good student.  remember Traditional Teachers are NOT the same as eccletic groups.

A good student does not;

- expect a mentor to do things the way they think it should be done or in the time they think is reasonable.

- expect too much, as the mentor has their own journey, life issues and responsibilities besides the students- Does not demand something be done in a time period that seems reasonable to the seeker

- want to rearrange the mentor's schedule to suit the needs of the seeker's.  

- teach the tradition that was written by the mentor, when there was no permission given to do so on their own, because they lack the knowledge and skills of what the mentor might be searching for from each student, in each exercise that was written.

- demand more of their energy because of personal problems or accidents that happen (through no fault of their own of course), and make the teaching period longer than it was suppose to be.

- bring friends to be seekers before they have finished as a seeker themself, and on top of that try to teach them

- try to advance faster than the teacher thinks they are ready

- take advantage of the hospitality, money, the kindness, the mentor gives.  They don't take off and do their own group without putting back into the group they are leaving, the same time, and kindness and pay back any monies borrowed from anyone else in the group, once the lessons are completed.   

- try to twist stories, exaggerate or make up things about a mentor so they can validate their own wrong actions, and take no responsibility in the leaving or relationship dissolvement.

- knows the difference between and tradition and an ecletic group prior to taking lessons, knowing full well that traditionalists have their own ways and are not open for debate.

- knows if they have a problem with a mentor, to go to that mentor, not behind his/her back, and resolve the problem or at least try to see through several perceptions and sets of eyes.  Rules are in place for good reasons.

CONCLUSION: You would not violate rules and boundaries of a teacher in a University class, so why do so many try to take advantage of our wonderful pagan Elders this way.  During all lessons, a seeker must stay in the role of seeker.  It is not possible to be both teacher and seeker at the same time.  Ever.  The mentor wants nothing more than the seeker to advance beyond the mentor but the seeker must always respect the mentor in honour, and the roles will never reverse - ever.  You instead will teach others.  If you bring skepticism, or your own beliefs or ways into the teachings of a tradition, you are an abuser -period.  Your research should have been done prior to joining and if it wasn't...the shame is on you.  Seekers, remember, EVERYONE IS are human with your own family, problems and responsibilities.  They have feelings too.  Do not raise a teacher to standards that are unrealistic. 

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