Early Christian Celtic Cross

Early Christian Celtic Cross

Early Christianity in the Celtic lands had this tyled cross which comes here with carved knotwork.  Made of Pewter in England by the finest pure pewter experts.  Not like American pewter at all.  Their Christianity was very much like their prior beliefs and unlike the Roman Catholic style Christianity which destroyed all other forms in the Renaissance times along with the Witch hunts.

FUN TRIVIA:  This style of Cross was developed from the equal armed cross that represented the Sun God and developed into the 'son' God.  The longer end represented the 3 stars (called the wiser men) that lead up to the brightest star when the sun is in a manger (between hills) and then rises again in 3 days time at the winter solstice, the day most legends say he was concieved.  One of the greatest surviving myths from the Welsh mythologies stemming from the Mabinogi and developing in other times, is that of Arthur being conceived here.  Arcuturus is the bear star which some call Arthurs wain (plow) and today the two bears are mostly made up of the big and little dipper.

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