Celtic Head Band Circlet - Spring Hare

Boudicca's Hare Circlet

 The Celts believed that the Goddess Eostre’s attendant spirit on earth was the hare. It represented love, fertility and growth and was associated with the Moon, dawn and Easter energy. Eostre changed into a hare at the full Moon and as such, the hare was considered to be a royal animal. 

This circlet has the Hare as the central focus piece on your forhead with a leather braided leather adjustable thong, to fit any head, and is packaged in a cello bag with an organza pouch and comprehensive leaflet with all meanings.

Hengebands are made of pewter and embellishments and thre leather braid mentioned above.

Approximate size: 3.25" x 1.1"

Wear an item that will make a great conversation piece!!  Buy now before these designer pieces are gone!!


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