Moltinas Tribal Mask

Moltinas Tribal Mask
Moltinus Tribal mask.  He was a the Ram God of the Gaul tribes and known from inscriptions found in France, and other places.  The ram itself is an animal of some considerable iconographic importance to early Celtic societies, though the image of the ram occurs most frequently in its syncretized form with the serpent, yielding the ram-headed serpent most often linked with the tribal cult of Cernnunnos.  The term 'cult' is used here in its original meaning which simply means 'religious practice'.  These masquerade ram masks are also to represent fertility and dark aspects.  Dark does not refer to evil, as some modern day persons believe, but rather the magick of the night or underworld of the sea or across it.  This Celtic animal tribal mask is handcrafted by our tribal friend. 
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