Leather Mask- Dragonfly

Dragonfly Leather Mask

The dragonfly was associated with healing and transformation, whose spirit was often called upon by Druids or Gothi. Killing a dragonfly was considered highly taboo in certain tribes.The dragonfly is a symbol of water, and dragonfly images frequently appear in sacred sandpaintings to represent the element of water. Dragonflies are symbols of protection or even invincibility, and are said to be the dragon of ancient times reborn.  Dragonflies were often painted on things to ward off danger and injury.  They symbolize the ability to see above materialism and the mundane to the vastness of the true Universe and our own minds.  

This delicately cut out mask is made of lightweight vegetable tanned leather, wet-formed over a life cast face and painted black. Comes with an adjustable double strand of elastic for all day wearing comfort. Very lightweight.

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