Medieval Feastware

Medieval feasts were done on special holidays or days, such as a wedding, but another reason for hosting a medieval feast would be because company was coming from another area. Here you will find all items for making an ancient medieval feast for party or ritual. We have drinking horns, pewter tankards, chalices and even ancient utensils. High quality Medieval drinking horns, some actual replica Drinking horns. Did you know that drinking horns are not invented by the vikings but the Norse, Celts, Gerrmanic and Anglo-Saxcons all drank from the drinking horn thus we've made Celtic drinking horns, Anglo-saxon drinking horns and viking drinking horns available for sale. ////////////// No matter who the person was - beggar or King, even strangers, a Celt always took them in as a guest and gave them food, water, shelter and entertainment because Hospitality was one of their greatest virtues they aspired to. We know that the food dishes served depended on the type of food in that area mainly and also depended on the Celts status position (wealth). ////////////// We have even entertainment items for the entertainers at your Medieval Feast from bodhran hand drums, pipes, and medieval horns. New stuff comes so keep checking back!